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Hello! Thanks for taking the time to visit. My name is Joseph Mackereth and I'm an interdisciplinary designer living in the greater Philadelphia area. My philosophy is simple: read about everything, always be curious, and let the project dictate the style.

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Dr. Dog Fate
Clever Girl
Gilbert, Bird, Sharpes, and Robinson
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I was born and raised in the greater Philadelphia area. I went to school at Tyler School of Art and received my BFA in Fine Arts. During my time at Tyler, and after graduation, I worked in a print shop and started my own freelance business creating illustrations for editorial clients. Deciding to focus more on Graphic Design, I moved to Virginia to pursue my Master’s Degree. I graduated from Hollins University in 2015 with a MALS in Interdisciplinary Studies. Now my wife and I live in the Philadelphia area again with our beautiful daughter, Etta Grace.